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Art Riviera Tour

Contemporary Art Exhibition

The Art Riviera Tour Adventure

The Monegasque online art gallery, Multi Art Gallery by Wendy Lauwers,  joins forces with the French Riviera event agency, Azur Nacré French by Nadège Vergnaud, to create Art Riviera Tour.


This exceptional event includes a rigorous selection of international artists. Many painters, sculptors and photographers from all over the world present their works in prestigious places. 


At each exhibition, exceptional evenings, open to the public by reservation, are offered. The opportunity to expand your network and meet unique artists with exciting, interesting and intriguing inspirations.

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Art Riviera Tour exhibition  2024


July 13 to 28, 2024

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Art Riviera Tour  2023- 4th Edition

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - July 8 to 23, 2023
2023 couverture du catalogue ART  réalisé par Angélique Guerin de Lakmé Consulting

The 4th edition of the Art Riviera Tour took up its summer quarters at the gallery Le Neptune in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in July 2023:

François Alexandre & David Galimant, Art Hugo, Victoria Badion, Myriam Besri, Jean-Claude Bertrand, Louise Bressange, Capz, Flora Castaldi, Monika Cicolella, David D'Alessandro, Patrick Deguine, Galerie Daniel Guidat, Carl Jaunay, Oxana Kroll, Catherine The Emperor, Marie Maitre, Nathalie MN La Rouge, Christine Nilly, Geneviève M Portal, Pari Ravan, Bolonie Shuhaibar and Dairo Vargas.

Discover our artists' works on our website Multi Art Gallery.

Click to download the catalogue.

Art Riviera Tour 2022 - 3rd Edition

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - July 11 to 24, 2022
2022 couverture du catalogue de l'exposition ART

Click on the image to download ART 2022

The third edition of Art Riviera Tour exhibited the artworks of 20 French and international artists :

Nathalie Amiot-Renaud, Lina Antoni, Yapa Bandar, BBH, Mouna Ben Ahmed, Louise Bressange, Anis Dargaa, Nicole Durand, Patrick Deguine, Galerie Daniel Guidat, Stephan Janssens, Tauno Kangro, Oxana Kroll, Jo Lorente, Nika, Rovshan Nur, Emmanuel Oger, Anne Pivron and Dorian Vanhorenbeeck.

Discover our artists on  Multi Art Gallery.

Art Riviera Tour  2021 - 2nd Edition

Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat - July 5 to 11, 2021
2021 couverture du catalogue de l''exposition ART

The second edition held in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat in July 2021 at the Galerie Le Neptune was a real success. 25 painters, photographers, sculptors and designers exhibited their works:


Olivier Ameye, Yapa Bandara, Laura Casini, Flora Castaldi, Lucia Cianci, Roger Dame, Ben Dante, Patrick Deguine, Mario Falchi, Pierre-Henri Goralski, Gorfi, François-Serge Gulli, Francine Haas, Elisabeth Laplante, Patricia Miquau, Mooven's, Pachamamart, Michèle Pedersen, Nenad Petrović, Pari Ravan, Franck Schiavi, Leo Stopfer, Karina Tochtarova, Anne-Marie Torrisi and Antoine Zamariola. 

Find all our artists on our website Multi Art Gallery.

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Art Riviera Tour  2020 - 1st Edition

Saint-Tropez - July 17 to 27, 2020
2020 couverture du catalogue de l'exposition ART à St Tropez

The 1st edition took place in Saint-Tropez from September 17 to 27, 2020 and with the help of many partners, the ephemeral exhibition invaded the patio and the rooftop of the prestigious Hôtel de Paris.

Participating artists:

Antoine Mellado, Christophe de Fierlant, Christian Laurent, Clément Sinibaldi, Francine Haas, François-Serge Gulli, Laura Casini, Laurence Jenkell, Leo Stopfer, Mario Falchi, Michael Peetermans, Michèle Pedersen, Mooven’s, Nina Tescar, Olivia de Posson, Olivier Ameye, Olivier Bertrand, PachaMamArt, Patrick Deguine, Sylvia Rainguez, Valérie Durand, Vlad Vandamme and Yapa Bandara.

Click to download the catalogue

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