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Academia Fine Art

Auction Monaco
May 24, 2017

Academia Fine Art Monaco

Charity auction with  Multi Art Events

Yiannis Stylianides has an equal passion for sculpture and painting. The whole process of creating a painting or a sculpture brings him out of the daily routine into a beautiful and positive world that he wishes to share with everyone through his art. The whole process begins with a visual concept which he mentally works on until he is ready to execute the piece. He finds it very fascinating to explore the use of new techniques and materials in the creative process. One of his main goals is to create works of art using original methods and unique combinations of materials not applied before.


One of the methods he created is an innovative process he developed that he calls "constructive fires". He creates his own paint composition and then uses a blowtorch to apply the paint to wood. This method creates an intriguing texture and gives the painting a three-dimensional quality that allows the viewer to see the painting the same from all angles. Another series is his signature carved wooden panels depicting plan views of cities influenced by his architectural context. His fiberglass and wood sculptures gravitate around the human body, expressing different feelings.


In June 2017, Multi Art Events was commissioned by the Yiannis Stylianides gallery of Cyprus to organize an exceptional exhibition in the Principality of Monaco.

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