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du 1er au 7 juin 2019, à Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

Multi Art Events 2020

Grande exposition d'Art Contemporain à Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

The natural and cosmic order of Pietrantonio's work is expressed through materials such as wood, stone, powders, sand and pigments balanced with metals, gauzes, textiles and even flower petals. An inexhaustible source of inspiration is drawn from these carefully selected objects in preserved environments and carefully combined together on plaster canvases in a harmony of shapes, colors and sensations.


The series of works "Acupuncture for the Planet" comes from an artistic performance based on rituals, produced by Fabio Pietrantonio in the lands of Capichera and Arzachena, in one of the many "Tombs of the Giants" located in Sardinia. The mysterious megalithic remains of the Nuragic civilization have always inspired legends and folk traditions; it is believed that certain energy fields, which seem to gather there, produce healing and miraculous effects. On a cloudless summer day, aided by the percussive rhythm of a tribal dance and guided by the presence of seven women, the artist gave shape to a fascinating shamanic performance in which he exposed and traced the flows of energy of the place, digging hundreds of needle bamboos into the ground, representing a symbolic and powerful acupuncture for the planet.


Wendy Lauwers est la commissaire de l'exposition et choisira une sélection des meilleures œuvres pour exposer et créer un lien entre les collectionneurs d'art, les amateurs d'art et les galeries de la côte française. Cet événement s'annonce comme une expérience unique pour vous et augmentera sans aucun doute la visibilité de tout artiste ou galerie, dans un lieu Exceptionnel, l' "Espace Neptune".

Consulter le catalogue de l'événement

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