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Port de Monaco

ESPACE 22 Monaco
Pop Up Gallery

October 1 to 10, 2024

Multi Art Events

Multi Art, founded in 2013 by Wendy Lauwers, is an original concept dedicated to promoting contemporary art based on three pillars :

Multi Art Events: events organisation

Multi Art Gallery:  online art gallery​
Art Riviera Tour 'ART’: yearly exhibition

The synergy of these three entities gives an unique insight in today’s contemporary art where artists are placed in the heart of artistic news by propelling them both in the press and social network, as well as in notoriety through events and the follow-up we do for each artist individually.

Multi Art Events is an artistic platform recognised today for the quality of its own events and for its collaborations with certain large-scale international events. Multi Art Events creates artistic events, highlighting artistic creation in all its forms and in the diversity of its most striking trends.  By joining the Multi Art Events community, artists not only participate in exhibitions but benefit from regular media support and highlighting backed up by solid visibility on social media. Painters, sculptors, photographers and other visual artists come together under this label on events where there are as many established international artists as promising young emerging artist. 

Multi Art Event is also a network of private collectors and international art loves following Wendy Lauwers as much out of friendship as out of respect for the discerning eye of this enthusiast. In few years, Wendy Lauwers has imposed the style and the signature Multi Art Events, both on the Principality of Monaco and on the whole of the Côte d’Azur, before developing events in Paris and abroad.

Nice-Matin even qualified the annual exhibitions of Multi Art Events on the Riviera “of Fresh Art” by the delicious mix of genres and the dynamism of these exhibitions of international artists in a setting that is at the same time warm, elegant and skillfully, thoughtful to highlight the artist’s messages.

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