Fabio Pietrantonio

The natural and cosmic order of Pietrantonio’s work is expressed through materials such as wood, stone, powders, sand and
pigments balanced with metals, gauzes, textiles and even flower petals. An inexhaustible source of inspiration is drawn from these objects carefully selected in unspoilt environments and attentively combined together on plastered canvases in a harmony of forms, colors and sensations.


The use of such materials as wood, paper, iron, textiles and plaster, create what Pietrantonio defines as “totems” multi-formed objects, sculptured paintings which depict cosmic balance and harmony and transmit peacefulness. This is what he actually manages to express according to several collectors and experts who have seen his work in the past twenty  years. Meeting him at his shows and during the preparation to such events in one his ateliers, people are in direct contact with the artist, and when they watch him at work in his own environment they share his creative estro of the moment.

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The series of works "Acupunture for the planet" originates from a ritual-based artistic performance, produced by Fabio Pietrantonio in the land of Capichera and Arzachena, in one of the many "Giants' Graves" located in Sardinia. The mysterious megalithic remains of the Nuragic civilisation have always been the inspiration for legends and folk traditions; it is believed that certain fields of energy, that would appear to gather there, produce healing and miraculous effects. On a cloudless summer day, assisted by the percussive rhythm of a tribal dance and shepherded by the presence of seven women, the artist gave shape to a fascinating shamanic performance in which he displayed and traced the energy flows of the place, digging hundreds of bamboo needles into the soil, representing a symbolic, powerful acupuncture for the planet.


According to the artist: ""Bamboo is the tree that produces more oxygen than any other, so much so that bamboo forests have always been the popular haunt of great Buddhist masters for meditation. Acupuncture for the planet consists of pressing down into the ground with a bamboo stick, creating a positive contact, providing a symbolic benefit to the land, a breath, and curing it as if it were a sick patient."


Exhibition organised by Multi Art Events, in the shopping center gallery of the Metropole Hotel in Monaco.

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