Ancien Hôtel Particulier
Le 6 Mandel


in Paris on 19 - 20 - 21 September 2019

Ancien Hôtel Particulier
Jacques Homberg & Christian Dior

Contemporary Art Exhibition, le 6 Mandel

A place with an innovative concept dedicated to Art, Garden Art and the Art of the Receiving. A privileged space, surrounded by a 130m2 garden facing the Eiffel Tower, the Grande Dame. A prestigious, atypical place where guests are received with authenticity in this mansion of the sixteenth arrondissement of Paris.


This place has housed since its construction in 1883 to the present day, famous artists and art lovers such as Pearl White (first actress of the American silent cinema), the Princess of Caraman-Chimay, Jacques Homberg (close friend of Christian Dior).



The 6 Mandel is for art lovers, sensitive to quality,
luxury and authenticity.

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